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Adoption Stories

Our favorite local animal shelter, North Country Animal League was recently asking for adoption stories. I submitted a story about each of the Berserkers and we won a free dinner to Norma’s Restaurant at Topnotch Resort here in Stowe, VT. It was an honor to win and I had a great time writing the stories. So I though I would share them here too! What are your adoption stories?

This is our dog Pepino, he was saved from a kill shelter by a rescue group in Florida, and he was the very first dog they rescued. He had been on his own, and had some bite marks on his ears when we got him. Knowing him now and how sweet and timid he is, it is hard to imagine him out on his own. The story of how we got him is remarkable. We wanted an Italian Greyhound and had been working with several rescues for months but hadn’t found “the one” yet. One day we were driving to my mom’s and my husband forgot his laptop charger, so we had to go back to our house. Once we were on the road again, we went a shortcut that took us past a local church – there was a sign on the road that read “pet adoptions” and as we were driving by I saw Pepino out of the corner of my eye! I told my husband to turn the car around because I saw “our dog”! When we got there, we immediately inquired about him to find out his story and we found out he was an Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix. We just knew he was meant to be with us. Within minutes we were signing adoption papers and making arrangements. It was a good thing we acted so fast, because other people started arriving and inquiring about him. Over the past 4 years, it has been confirmed over and over that Pepino was a furry angel sent to us to bring us endless joy. He is the sweetest most tender loving dog I have ever met. One of his most favorite activities is snuggling, we always joke that he was bred for it! My husband calls him my parasite because he is always attached to me. We saved him, but he also saved me. If we win the dinner, Pepino is definitely getting a doggie bag!

This is our dog Mini P, we adopted her from NCAL in Feb 2010. We were looking for a friend for our other dog, Pepino. We had just moved to Vermont and “just for fun” (famous last words) decided to look at the NCAL website! Well there she was! She was definitely a favorite at NCAL – and called “Bobby Jo” when she lived there,in fact when we came to bring her home all the staff that was there came by to say goodbye to her. The NCAL staff told us that she had been returned at least once… that should have told us something! But she was so sweet looking; we just had to have her. Once we brought her home, we let her sniff around and get used to everything. Then we brought out some toys to play. We got down on the floor with her and started to play, pretending like we were dogs, well we literally scared “the crap” out of her! The funniest thing is that we were videotaping the whole thing! This really sets the tone for how Mini P has been just like a tornado in our world. If she was a human she would be called a kleptomaniac. She loves to play hard and is a free spirit! She brings such adventure to all of our lives and has helped our other dog, Pepino come out of his shell.

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Berserker Chihuahuas: ORIGINS

Sugar, Spice and Everything NICE…OR?

What are your pets made up of?

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Back in the Game…

…Well, sort of…

The Berserkers, after a long and cold winter, have come out of their deep, dark den. They are taking notice of some new creatures who have emerged from the wastelands and are curious whether or not they are in alliance with the Gryphons.

These beasts are loud and ferociously call back and forth to each other, their voices carrying on the wind: “BAAAAAAAAAAH”. Some of these new beasts even have horns! Perhaps they are the transport of those evil trolls…This makes the Berserkers anxious…not comprehending this new threat…

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The Berserkers Are Still Here…

…but the snow is so deep out right now that it is impossible for them to even try getting into the Gryphon stronghold.

I am so bored I could SCREEEEAM!!!!


Maybe just one more nap….

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Iron Tooth and The Wyrm…GO BERSERK!

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Recon at the Gryphon Stronghold

If…I…could…just…open this door with my nose…PUUUSH.

What are you going to do if you happen to get it open?!

I’ll figure something out…I can smell ‘em in there. Plus the LOOT is in there! SMELL!

Are you sure it’s not trolls?

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Iron Tooth: A Lesson in Jump Training

Humans call it Plyometrics or Jump Training. My humans seem to think that it is cute or even funny, but for me it is serious.

It totally freaks me out when you do this!

Hey! This is an important training exercise, if I practice long enough, I will actually be able to FLY!

*rolls eyes*

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The Loot


The Loot is central to our story, so much so, that it is in fact a character unto itself. It is the sought after treasure for our fearless Berserkers. But The Loot is protected by a wily band of …

Gryphons! Let me at ‘em! I can take ‘em! If I could just be free, I would show those Gryphons who’s the boss around here! They got The Loot, and I want it, it has magical powers, and if I had it, I would become a Barbarian Princess for sure! Leader of my very own hoard!

But there are trolls in between our den and the Gryphon stronghold. Plus those Gryphons are pretty tough – have you seen their beaks? Sharp as nails. We better rest up a bit and get our wits about us before we plan our attack.

REST?! How can you speak of rest when that Loot is just sitting there! The more Loot that piles up, the stronger the Gryphons become! They use the magical loot for two reasons. One is to keep them well fed, and increase their strength. But they can also use the Loot to produce more of their own kind! We need to get it before their band gets even bigger!

Yes, but if we don’t rest and keep up with our training, they will take us out in minutes! They are stronger in numbers. Let’s take a rest and then strategize and train!


Berserkers at Rest

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