The Loot


The Loot is central to our story, so much so, that it is in fact a character unto itself. It is the sought after treasure for our fearless Berserkers. But The Loot is protected by a wily band of …

Gryphons! Let me at ‘em! I can take ‘em! If I could just be free, I would show those Gryphons who’s the boss around here! They got The Loot, and I want it, it has magical powers, and if I had it, I would become a Barbarian Princess for sure! Leader of my very own hoard!

But there are trolls in between our den and the Gryphon stronghold. Plus those Gryphons are pretty tough – have you seen their beaks? Sharp as nails. We better rest up a bit and get our wits about us before we plan our attack.

REST?! How can you speak of rest when that Loot is just sitting there! The more Loot that piles up, the stronger the Gryphons become! They use the magical loot for two reasons. One is to keep them well fed, and increase their strength. But they can also use the Loot to produce more of their own kind! We need to get it before their band gets even bigger!

Yes, but if we don’t rest and keep up with our training, they will take us out in minutes! They are stronger in numbers. Let’s take a rest and then strategize and train!


Berserkers at Rest

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2 Responses to The Loot

  1. Arlene says:

    May be at rest. But they are on the alert.

  2. Michelle says:

    Why are they so cute?!?!?!

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