Iron Tooth and The Wyrm…GO BERSERK!

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3 Responses to Iron Tooth and The Wyrm…GO BERSERK!

  1. Jenn, maybe u need meds? . . . Kidding aside, that is hysterical! I truly did LOL. LUV how the white pup takes breaks from this supposed ferocity 2 look at camera with “Aren’t I cute, do you luv me? Is what I’m doing getting your approval?” written all over his (her?) face. He is NOT ferocious. SOOOOO cute. Thank u. (Unlike your dogs, I AM ferocious, I am one scary bunny rabbit, grrrr.)

  2. Randi says:

    this is exactly what my cats do – ALL NIGHT LONG. its cute in theory..

  3. jenn says:

    LOL – to both of you!!!

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